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Good to be Alive
Woman of my Dreams
Live Love Learn
First World Problems
Never Really Alone


Your last chance is leaving the station

It's a one way ticket yeah

You don't wanna miss it now

Coz it's a long road to your redemption

I've been a shadow of a man that I know

I used to be



We've done battle with our demons

We've gone deep into our soul

Finally we find a place that makes us feel whole

Now we're done with doing battle

and it's easier everyday


Verse 2:

I been a fool for your attentions

Now I know what they mean when the say

That love is blind

So let's start some fires it's cause for celebration

Because your pain and your fear and your worries

Are no longer mine




Show me a place that I can call home

Show me a place yeah deep in my heart

Show me a place and I will be a part

Show me a place yeah that I can call home



Where there is laughter there is life

Where there's lovers there will surely follow lies

And still we ask for those to take our blame

We find laughter and takes away the pain


Now we search for peace of mind

We find our place with good people and good times

We talk of what it is to live the lie

We talk of lessons learnt and those we tried



It's good so good to be alive

Good so good to be alive

So don't forget your heart

In the struggle with your mind

It's good so good to be alive


Verse 3:

We build castles in the sand

We find love and watch it fall beneath our hands

Now we've lost yeah, we can see what we have gained

We find laughter and it takes away the pain





Those who smile stand by your side

While you dig an early grave

Are the ones that you should hold to

As we rise and fall again

Cos I've never know an honest man coming from his heart

to complain for a lack of friends

As we rise and fall again x4


Corus x2


Where is the woman of my dreams?

Where does she lie and wait for me

Wish I could hold her in my arms

Take us free from harm

And in the dark of the night

When I look to the skies

It is her I see

Smiling down on me


We all have our lessons to learn

You take yours I'll take mine in turn

And someday down the road we will see

And I'll give you the best that I can be



There's a girl she's stood in the corner

She's got the most beautiful eyes

and I wish that I could tell her

but my heart skips a beat when she smiles

Through the plans we have made from cradle to grave

They tell us it's all just a game

That I'd happily loose for a moment with you

And you can just tell me your name



We'll live like there's tomorrow

And we'll love like we've never been burnt

And we'll say with a smile and a glint in the eye

We've lived we've loved and we've learnt

Yeah we live, we love, and we learn


Verse 2:

On pillows we sleep and our dreams we will keep

For the gods we have chosen to pray

As tuff as old boots we will grow some new roots

Our seems will inevitably fray

For the lions, the ladies the lords and their maids

and the friends that we hope the will stay

As we swallow our pride let sleeping dogs lie

And roll on to the end of our days




Sticks and stones and broken bones

Hate will break the lonely home

Turn these pebbles into dust

Where only love can replace lust

There’s a picture on the wall

A tale of fate before the fall



These are all first world problems

Living in an ancient land

Living with my heart on my sleeve

Dong the best that I can

These are all first world problems

Living in an ancient land

Living with my heart on my sleeve

'Coz I know where I stand


Verse 2:

Lonely hearts will fix and mend

Hate will surely find a friend

Just like apathy and greed

Will feed futility

There's a catcher there's a call

There's a dreamer in us all

In us all





Yeah I know, I know

I know where I stand

Yeah I know, I know

I know where I stand

You would take and break me

Would you turn and break my fall

Call this fear a failure

Save a heart for us all

You would take and break me

Would you turn and break my fall




There's a place down in little old England

Where a part of my soul sleeps

My memory serves me so well

I lay my head down on the pillow

I find comfort here in the smell



Well the world keeps turning

Time keeps rolling on

But sometimes it's hard to keep so strong

Dig deep find the strength to soldier on

Sometimes I feel lonely

But I'm never no, never really alone


Verse 2:

There's hope yet, for the future

As I'm looking deep into those tired eyes

And fires rise and rage with disappointment

I find comfort here in your smile





You can forgive but don't forget

Live your life with no regret

But keep you mind set

Keep your mind set


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